Monday, January 25, 2010

Places in ppl's heart, inspired by Tsu Qi's return

Last saturday, 23/01/2010 A.D, is the date our lovely Tsu Qi return to M'sia. After a year in New Zealand, I think is the student changing program, she return, with a boosted up body and ever more tanned skin. It is a very happy day, as she is our most lovely classmate. Everyone in pur class know her, loves her, likes her. She is such smily, sunny and sporty. But she isn't shiny, cox she is tanned.

We wait her at the arriving hall in KLIA. Just like waiting a VIP for a huge company. This prove her importance in our heart. At that time, I was excited as others too... but inside this feeling, there is a part of envy and afraidness in there.

First, the envy is because I know that I would never be such welcomed and important in many ppl's heart. Maybe is the fate problem, maybe not. I always be the lonely character, or the dull one within my social range. Feels like I am not important for anyone, I can be there or not, that doesn't matter... In an easy word, nobody cares me...neither live nor dead...

Thus comes the afraidness. I afraid of lonelyness. In fact, I hate to lonely. I try everything I can to makes me more connected to the world, means having more important place in my friends heart. but I think failures is the result comes out, the person that really cares me not more than 5. Even my parents is not inside this 5. So, I try to attract ppl's attention to me, since I am not important, then I wanna be the brightest. I do many things that is consider insane in my age, driving 300km/h, fighting bad guys, doing gym, taking double degrees. I do things that is normal ppl wont do, but it seems like the impact still not enough.

In conclusion, I started to give up the thinking of being more connected or brightest, I tired to care bout other ppl's, but i Stiil wanna be the best, even nobody admits me. So, guys. I hope next year y'all will facebook with me when I am in Monash University Clayton, and betting I am the champion in F1 for Lotus. This is the goal of 2010 of ZeKai.

Thinking human, human and dead human...

Recently life is giving me less inspiration on wordings. It feels like very official, formal. Keep doing same things every day. Only feeling that can feel is tired, tired and tired. It is strange, in fact I didn't do any extreme training recently, due to the carless condition and $$ less. It is just like a part of my life, I suppose to live like that.

Thus, I started to afraid, what if this kind of lifestyle continues in the rest of my time? I should be damn, because I am not good to manage tiring. When I am tired, I will sleep more to get them away, instead of determine to wake up as my friends do. When i am tired, I can't do anything. I mean when I tired, I can't do things well, but I will be fed-up to continue it when it is not well enough. I guess I am also a perfect demander.

Now again, I started to feel tired to blogging. Because I cant find any inspiration that is interesting to me. This blog is just like a forcing mechanism that force me to think something else, to prove that I am still a thinking human. Not a brainless human nor dead human.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Imagining I am the lucky guy that suddenly get 200 Million USD

Recently i am too free, because of the long long holiday last year 2009 November. It is longer holiday than last time in school. (that time free, now damn busy) So, I always find something to full up my mind, because it is very suffer for a guy like me to have an empty brain. And at that time i dun wanna work, so imagination and watching movie and webbing become the most effective ways to waste the time. (study also wasting time, dunnoe what thing can be count as using time)

Instead of planning, imaginating is more comfortable, Because you can imagine anything that is good, in more specific is things that satisfy you. The whole year 2009 i spent my extra free time on planning my own future, about what i wanna do, how i gonna do, why i wanna do....... Now, planning is quite boring, because it ends very fast, you have facts and you think it rasionaly then it is as fast as lightning. Thus, i started to imagine, just as the old days when i was a kid in primary school.

First, i think of how many $$$ i would like to get if i really so lucky. Talk about the getting ways first. First i imagine that if, US government need some special ability in some dirty deals, and i am the only one or the best one that have these abilities. Second, I win a prize. Third, I do some dirty business for one shot big $$$ and just once. Fourth, which is the one i like the most, my old, rich relative( imaginated) at china or US or Europe or somewhere,which has no descendents inherited me.

Now, about the amount. First i think of 5% of the tax a country (eg: US), then i think it is too much and they may kill me because I "eat" such much money from them. Then, i started to count the interest of fix account in bank, it was minimum 2.5% last year when the economic crisis. Ok!!! 2.5% minimum.

Then, i think, 200 million USD's, the 2.5% of it is 5 million USD, change into RM is RM 16742000, a year. That, is, a, huge number. With this, i could buy a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV which cost like RM 3000000. Then i still have RM 13742000, I can buy a BMW M6 with one million RM, i still have Rm 12742000. Then a banglo, 2 million with renovation, still have RM 1074200.

An Alienware laptop, 15K.
An I-phone or PDA, 3K
Remain RM 12572000.
Then pay my study fees all untill degrees, RM 72K.

At last, remain RM 12500000, a beautifull number for my own uses.
I can give 2.5 million to my dad, then i still have RM 1000000. For god's sake it is a huge number of money, which is = 10 x 1 million!!!

And, i get this amount of money every year, at least!!!! Whoa.... sweet dream baby!!!

Sadly, it was only a dream. I dun have these rich old relatives, if i do, i dun think they will inherited me the $$$, and I wont have this luck, cox i never had any luck that bring things i like.

Sweet dream, cruel reality!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The open study SAGA!!!

After experience the sucks battle at last year, i found that my army is not strong enough. Actually, it is not the strength problem, is my army not hard working enough. I did a complete self examination, the result is I am too godlike in doing my favourite subjects. And that is the real reason for me to get a sucks mark. While the highest mark i get for is my Computer Science, a subject i never touch before, neither school nor my life. How bout the two subject i love the most? Math and Physic which i being hailed as god i just pass it, how ironic.

So now, 2010, if there is doomsday at 2012, then i should try my best to get the highest mark and cutest girl friend for me. Oh ya, and my body!!!